Kenneth Moraleda is leading LabAnino- a collective of artists from Australia and The Philippines in an immersive performance that will be a part of Performance Space’s  LIVEWORKS FESTIVAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ART 2017

Written by Paschal Daantos Berry and conceptualised and performed by Valerie Berry, Teta Tulay, Datu Arellano, Andrew Cruz, Hazel Gutierrez, Toni Munoz – This Here. Land was developed in at Liveworks Lab 2016 with Performance Space and Bundanon Trust.

Deborah Pollard and Paschal Daantos Berry serve as outside eye and Lighting Design and Production Management will be done by Frank Mainoo

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THURS 19 OCT, 7PM & 7:35PM & 8:10PM
FRI 20 OCT, 7PM & 7:35PM & 8:10PM
SAT 21 OCT, 7PM & 7:35PM & 8:10PM
SUN 22 OCT, 5PM & 5:35PM & 6:10PM


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As we lose our memory, are we losing our history? How do we personally cope with political trauma or social upheaval? What stays within us, and what are the consequences of forgetting? This Here. Land investigates the turbulent histories of the Philippines and Australia, from colonisation to dictatorships, natural disasters and class warfare. Unearthing real and fictional fragments of memory, This Here. Land weaves together a hypnotic visual and theatrical experience through shadowplay, animation, live performance and storytelling.

This Here. Land is an exquisite new theatre work by LabAnino: a collective of Australian and Filipino artists who have been working together for over a decade and whose work spans performance, installation, writing, animation and sound. Developed between Australia and the Philippines over the past 2 years, This Here. Land is a moving and evocative response to turbulent global times.

Kenneth Moraleda,
Valerie Berry,
Teta Tulay,
Datu Arellano,
Andrew Cruz,
Toni Muñoz,
Hazel Gutierrez,
Paschal Daantos Berry,
with contributions from members of Anino Shadowplay Collective

Production Manager/Lighting Designer
Frank Mainoo

Outside Eye
Paschal Daantos Berry and Deborah Pollard

This Here. Land is an immersive performance and requires the audience to move through the space for the duration of the performance. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact our team at least 24 hours before the session at (02) 8571 9111.

This work contains adult themes and coarse language. Recommended for ages 16+. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to session start time. Latecomers will not be admitted. Duration of 40 minutes.

Image: Kenneth Moraleda, This Here Land, image courtesy of the artists