Kenneth Moraleda is currently in rehearsal as one of the directors of EAT ME – A collaboration with Sydney Theatre Company and the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney involving the STC Emerging Writers Group, The CAAP/STC Directors and the students and staff of NIDA.

Four short plays by James Elazzi, Jordyn Fulcher, Enoch Mailangi and Wendy Mocke
Directed by Tasnim Hossain, Kenneth Moraleda, Jennifer Rani, Courtney Stewart

Supported by Paige Rattray and Polly Rowe


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If life is an act of consumption, what happens if we eat too much?

In this unique collaboration between NIDA and STC, four short plays set 50 years apart spin us from 1919 to 2069 while all the time chewing on the challenges of now.

Eat Me is alive, alert and alarmed. It travels through trickery and trauma before arriving at the end of everything. The four plays are written by members of STC’s Emerging Writers Group and directed by the four directors of the Contemporary Asian Australian Performance Directors Initiative at STC.

2019: The Necklace by James Elazzi
Directed by Courtney Stewart

Waiting for the burgers to arrive, five friends dig at the value of inheritance.

1969: Blowback by Wendy Mocke
Directed by Kenneth Moraleda

Caught in raging fires, five friends in a stolen car find out they are not alone.

1919: -.- by Enoch Mailangi
Directed by Tasnim Hossain

New technology leads to miscommunications, hurt feelings and hungry expectations.

2069: The End of Everything from the Perspective of Lawn Chairs by Jordyn Fulcher
Directed by Jennifer Rani

If we drink enough, will we feel the stars going out?

Originally commissioned and first produced at the NIDA Playhouse by the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Sydney Australia, from 10–17 June 2021 as part of the Sydney Theatre Company Emerging Writers Program

NIDA Theatres, Playhouse:

Tue 8 Jun, 7pm (Preview)

Thu 10 Jun, 7pm
Fri 11 Jun, 7pm
Sat 12 Jun, 1pm (OPEN DAY)
Sat 12 Jun, 6pm
Tue 15 Jun, 7pm
Wed 16 Jun, 7pm
Thu 17 Jun, 1pm
Thu 17 Jun, 7pm

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