Diasporas of Australian Cinema is the first volume to focus exclusively on diasporic hybridity and cultural diversity in Australian filmmaking over the past century.

Edited by Catherine Simpson and Renata Murawska and Anthony Lambert

Topics include post-war documentaries and migration, Asian-Australian subjectivity, cross-cultural romance, “wogsploitation” comedy, and post-ethnic cinema. This collection also provides a useful reference text for scholars of Australian film and cultural studies, with material on contemporary film-making and pre-WorldWar II cinema. Containing previously unpublished articles by some the most recognised experts on Australian cinema, the book is a vital contribution to the burgeoning international interest in diasporic cinemas.

Chapter titles

Chapter 1: ‘Introduction: Rethinking Diasporas- Australian Cinema, History and Society’ – Catherine Simpson, Renata Murawska and Anthoy Lambert
Chapter 2: ‘Tinkering at the Borders: Lucky Miles and the Diasporic (no) Road Movie’ – Catherine Simpson

Chapter 3: ‘Ethics and Risk in Asian – Australian Cinema: The Last Chip’ – Audrey Yue

Chapter 4: ‘I’m Falling in Your Love’: Cross-cultural Romance and the Refugee Film’ – Sonia Magdelena Tascon

Chapter 5: ‘White Aborigines: Women, Space, Mimicry and Mobility’ – Anthony Lambert

Chapter 6: ‘Wogboy Comedies and the Australian National Type’ – Felicity Collins

Chapter 7: ‘Excess in Oz: The Crazy Russian and the Quiet Australian’ – Greg Dolgopolov

Chapter 8: ‘Anzac’s ‘Others’: Cruel Huns’ and ‘Noble Turks’ – Antje Gnida and Catherine Simpson

Chapter 9: ‘Now You Blokes Own the Place’: Representations of Japanese Culture in Recent Australian Cinema’ – Rebecca Coyle

Chapter 10: ‘Other Shorelines, or the Greek – Australian Cinema’ – John Conomos

Chapter 11: ‘A European Heart’: Exile, Isolation and Interiority in the Life and Films of Paul Cox’ – Marek Haltof

Chapter 12: ‘Sophia Turkiewicz: Australianizing Poles, or ‘Bloody Nuts and Bolts’ in Silver City’ – Renata Murawska

Chapter 13: ‘Lebanese Muslims Speak Back: Two Films by Tom Zubrycki’ – Susie Khamis

Chapter 14: ‘Sejong Park’s Birthday Boy and Korean – Australian Encounters’ – Ben Goldsmith and Anthony Lambert

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