“Moraleda is particularly effective as the politely resolute Arun, dogged in his determination to reach Perth and the father he has never met.”
Megan Lehmann

“…But it is perhaps Kenneth Moraleda who has the purest voice and vision and the most uncomplicated dream, to find his father in Perth who long ago abandoned his mother.”
Kerry Bashford

“Moraleda is compelling as a young man equal parts naïve, determined, smart, and resourceful in his pursuit of Perth.”
Tanja Meding

“Voted most popular drama was the wry Australian comedy Lucky Miles.. directed by newcomer Michael James Rowland and featuring a warm-hearted performance by Kenneth Moraleda”
SFF Wraps Up, Sydney Morning Herald“…before the charm of Kenneth Moraleda, who plays a Cambodian, Arun, has you caring whether he tracks down the father he has never known in Perth.”
Garry Maddox

“…and Moraleda portrays Arun beautifully as a gentle and beguiling character. His optimism in the face of ongoing adversity and absurdity might be naïve, but effectively develops the emotion of the film when he finally arrives at his elusive bus stop.”
Jessica Mansour

“Kenneth Moraleda, as Cambodian Arun, is wonderfully understated in his determination.”
Stan James

“This film is funny from start to finish and has a fantastic final line. There are no actors in here that you know, but Kenneth Moraleda, Rodney Afif, Sri Sacdpreseuth, Don Hany, Glenn Shea, Sean Mununggurr, Sawung Jabo and Arif Hidayat are all great.”
Graeme Watson

“…has a strong and wonderfully homespun cast who make the most of their roles.”
Alex Wheaton


“The actors are bloody well incredible. Compelling. Even thrilling. Danielle Cormack Ken Moraleda and John Shrimpton, especially.”“His would-be stepdad, Billy (Moraleda), is an amateur boxing bastard. His real father, Frank (intriguingly, also played, to captivating effect, by Moraleda)”

-Lloyd Bradford Syke (Curtain Call – Crickey Blog)

“The cast is quite strong with the two young leads in Estasy and Shrimpton finding a beautiful chemistry together, brewing with hormonal desire. Their older counterparts in Danielle Cormack (who I can’t help but mention used to be in Xena) and Kenneth Moraleda bring an equally playful energy to the small stage.”“Kenneth Moraleda’s heatfelt rendition of “Take On Me” was truly a highlight”

– Simon Binns (The Perf)

“Vigorous central performances (supported by Kenneth Moraleda and Danielle Cormack, who multitask very capably) “-Jason Blake (Sydney Morning Herald, Eight Nights a Week)
Read the full Sydney Morning Herald/Eight Nights a Week review HERE

**** (Four Stars)“You’ll rarely find the lyrical and the physical meeting each other halfway as well as in Yellow Moon. It’s an energetic, energising piece of theatre”

-Darryn King (Time Out Sydney)

Read the full Time Out Sydney review HERE

“Danielle Cormack and Kenneth Moraleda are also very good in the many tasks the writer has given them….It is also refreshing to observe the non-racial casting of Mr Shrimpton and Mr Moraleda in this work and white blackboard (the production company) ought to be congratulated and be remarked upon in this interesting choice. It augers well, I hope, that more of this will happen in Sydney and Australia. Many, many talented actors of racial differentiation have found the opportunity to use their gifts and their drama school training, talents, thwarted by antiquated myopia in the casting of performance in this country. More power to the vision and talents of a company such as this. Congratulations. Attention must be paid and changes applied.”


while the three hyenas of Cherine Peck, Kenneth Moraleda and Ed Wightman are instantly engaging, with their slavering mouths and congenital hideousness.
John Shand


“The five children, played by Travis McMahon (Cam), Genevieve O’Reilly (Susannah), Kenneth Moraleda (Roger), Margaret Avery (Jessie) and Kate Mulvany (Zoe) have varying degrees of success. All their performances are wonderful.”
David Edwards

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