Kenneth Moraleda voices the ever knowing Lighthouse C-MOR in Ambience Entertainment and Channel 7-Two’s pre-school show Jay’s Jungle.

Jay’s Jungle is currently airing Weekdays at 8am on 7TWO
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From the Ambience Entertainment Website:

Jay’s Jungle is a pre-school series that follows the adventures of Jay the lighthouse keeper. Jay lives on a beautiful J-shaped island, inside a wisecracking lighthouse called C-MOR. Everyday, the wise and funny, C-MOR shines his magical light across the world searching for thoughts and questions to be explored.

When C-MOR’s light lands on an imaginative child the adventures begin. Jay and the team – consisting of Funk-E, Jay’s mischievous monkey mate and Bec, the fun loving park ranger who looks after the island – set out to explore the daily theme, discover lots of new things whilst having a great time. Joining Jay and the team on their adventures is the Jungle Crew, a group of inquisitive pre-school children who arrive on the island to help solve problems and create interesting things.
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