By Anchuli Felicia King

Directed by Kenneth Moraleda

Bright lights, big city 

The remarkable Catherine Văn-Davies (Constellations) stars in this electrifying one-performer show that delves deep into the mess of corporate America and lays bare the brutal truth of what it means to ‘climb the ladder’.

In the high-powered and super competitive offices of a top-tier management consultancy firm, our unnamed protagonist is struggling to stand out. Unlike many of her colleagues, she doesn’t descend from money, nor does she find the long hours and crushing workload a breeze, like the others seem to. She also happens to be running from a dark past. When an opportunity to prove her mettle and escape the office arrives, in the form of a distractingly handsome (and married) senior partner, she jumps at the chance.

In American Signs, playwright Anchuli Felicia King (The Poison of Polygamy) delivers a scorching and contemporary work that will have you simultaneously moved and hanging from the edge of your seat. Darkly comic, raw and daring, American Signs is an impeccably written portrait of a complex character and an opportunity to see some of this country’s most exciting young theatre-makers at the top of their game.

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